Visit to Scribble Stone

Hello you!

I had THE BEST visit to my favourite fabricators Scribble Stone on Wednesday with my mentee on the project (the BRILLIANT Ross Bennett). They are making my 6 way marker pillars and 2 LARGE paving slabs ready for the Barrett Development and new country park in Laverstock near Salisbury.

They are all inspired by Medieval Tiles found in the area and reflect the contemporary flora and fauna that will be found in the area. I'm SO SO happy with how they're looking and excited to see them installed later this Spring.

I hand draw all the designs (both the cut outs of the two stones AND the hand drawn details) then have them converted to vectors by the WONDERFUL Josh. These files then go to Scribble Stone, who use a powerful water jet machine linked to a computer to cut along my drawn lines in the two coloured stones. These are then slotted together and glued. The final part of the process is sandblasting the hand drawn detail. (My drawing is fed into a plotter which cuts out a adhesive mask ready to protect the areas that won't have the sand blast detail.)

I have tried to simply explain how this process works but in reality the team at Scribble Stone are INCREDIBLE as it's FAR more complicated. We have worked together on multiple projects and I am ALWAYS asking them to achieve things that shouldn't really be possible (just look at how narrow the bud stem on the poppy design is!!) They are a dream to work with and help me to achieve EXACTLY what I have in my head.

That's all for now A MOUNTAIN of work to do today!!!

Have a LOVELY week and I'll be back soon x


Coworth Park Mug

Hello all


I had SUCH a wonderful Christmas and New Year with Al, COMPLETELY full of family and love and laughter. I'm feeling really inspired and excited by the year ahead. Already LOTS of projects from 2018 to be completed and lovely new exciting ones on the way. 

Here's the mugs I created for Coworth Park in Ascot (one of the hotels in the Dorchester Group). I've worked on lots of lovely projects for them, I'm just finishing off a tea tin and there's new packaging in the works too - they're a lovely client!

Be back soon - have a LOVELY weekend xxx

Walworth hoardings

Hello all!

Cor what a week, I've had a LOVELY new rush job in for Waitrose, finished off the final designs for Charbonnel et Walker's new packaging, worked on the projects for Coworth Park AND... my 95 meters of illustrated hoardings surrounding Walworth Town Hall have now been installed and I'm DELIGHTED!

There is LOTS of juggling in the studio at this time of year! Trying to finish off projects before the Christmas break, balanced with seeing all my BRILLIANT friends and family AND keeping up with rehearsals for my Charleston Dance Troupe which I LOVE (xmas social/ secret Santa next week WHOOP WHOOP!). We're off to my parents for the weekend as it's my sister's birthday and I'm SO excited as they've decorated the house (they do SUCH a beautiful job of this EVERY year!)

I am Christmas OBSESSED! (my decorations have been up since the start of November!) and I've already promised myself that I can keep up the new fairy lights all year as they are SO PRETTY! My tree isn't real BUT... I have a Jo Loves candle in 'Christmas Tree' which is DIVINE! We keep feeding our Christmas cake (and smelling it LONGINGLY!). If it tastes ANYTHING like it smells then I will eat the ENTIRE thing at great speed! Really looking forward to decorating it next week x

Have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to and I'll be back soon x


Oooo La La!

I had the MOST AMAZING time in Paris with Al! My very favourite place in the world with my favourite person xxx


Painting time...

Hello gang

Recently I've felt SO inspired by Allan Jenkins WONDERFUL book 'Morning' (find it and read it IMMEDIATELY!) I've been getting up at 5am each Friday to spend the early morning painting. IT IS BLISS! I love knowing that no matter how busy my week is there WILL be time to paint, and it's amazing how much I can get done in this special time each week! 

I'm currently working on two collections, one is dark florals on board, the other is mixed media collages on paper. I love spending each week plotting how I'm going to use my Friday morning and planning what I want to achieve. 

I'm really grateful to Al for his love and encouragement in carving out this time to paint, and ESPECIALLY for his GENIUS hanging system in the studio which allows me to live with the work and see all the pieces at the same time.

This weekend we're making a HUGE (vegan) Thanksgiving meal on Saturday and then Sunday morning I'm giving a talk at Sunday Assembly about the power of Public Art to build communities (I'd love to see you there!). Sunday afternoon we're making our Christmas cake (it's Stir-Up Sunday!) so basically you can expect me to be substantially fatter this time next week!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend whatever you're up to! Next week the 95m illustrated hoardings I've created for Southwark Council are being installed and then I'm off to Paris for a long weekend WHOOP WHOOP! xxx


Exciting sample

Had a LOVELY weekend (including meeting Al's parents eeeeeek! but they were SO nice). 

It's been MUCH the same as the week before, bonkers juggling of a billion projects. BUT, I'm DELIGHTED with the new sample from Scribble Stone (see above) for the way finding pillars and paving I'm designing for Laverstock nr Salisbury inspired by Medieval tiles (BIG thanks to Emma at Studio Response for the lovely job!)

In other news... I am OBSESSED with a book I've read recently about the power of mornings, and have started getting up at 5am each Friday to paint for 4 hours. IT IS BLISS. I'll share more next week, particularly because it is 10.20pm on Thursday night and my alarm is set for 5am!

Have a SUPER weekend! I have some BRILLIANT girlfriends coming for the weekend and the only plan we have is to eat far too much and gossip WHOOP WHOOP! I shall be cramming all of them into my studio flat for the sleep over (and have popcorn and biscuits ready for the midnight snacking) xxx

The Civic Trust Awards

Hello you lovely lot!

More good news this week as I found out that The Lexicon development is a regional finalist in the Civic Trust Awards HURRAH. 

I'm super proud of all the work I created for this development... the plaque below, paving, gobos, lanterns, gates, cladding, a light beacon, benches, window vinyls and tote bags PHEW! (more info and images here)

It's been ANOTHER bonkers week, juggling LOTS of projects but all rather exciting so no complaints this end. Also, VERY happy to report that the weekend in Clementine the camper van (with the dreamy Alan) was super. Electric hook up + electric heater = toasty Kerry!

Right I'm off to finish up, three more deadlines before dance class tonight... wish me luck!... x