Salisbury Museum tiles

Hello all

Hope you're having a smashing week!

I just wanted to share these behind the scenes shots at Salisbury Museum. I was VERY lucky to be granted access to their medieval tile collection to inspire the final artwork for my public art commission for Barratt Homes with Studio Response. It's a new housing development and ENORMOUS Country Park in Laverstock near Salisbury. Laverstock was an important centre for Medieval tile making and so the work I'm creating is inspired by the colours and shapes of these tiles, and also reflect the plants and animals of the site.

I'm REALLY excited to share more with you soon!

Have a wonderful (pancake fuelled) weekend x

Creepy Crawlies...

Hello All!

Loved drawing these bugs for a recent editorial (but obviously felt INSANELY itchy throughout the process!)

Lots of juggling projects at the moment, and starting a few FANTASTIC new ones. I'm absolutely loving living in Brighton and having the BEST summer. Lots of roller skating and sea swimming, it's bliss!

Have a wonderful week and I'll be back very soon (if you have a chance go and see the Christo exhibition at the Serpentine - it's AWESOME) x


Coutts residency paintings

Happy Friday all

Cor it's a scorcher here, I hope it's lovely and sunny where you are too! I just wanted to share the last blogpost in my series about my Artist Residency at Coutts Bank 440 Strand London. It was a DREAM project, documenting the beautiful plants in their rooftop garden. I created 4 x limited edition prints for their clients and live painted 4 x 2m high canvases in the windows so the public could watch. These paintings were then auctioned off for Coram Childrens charity at a special evening at the bank. Thanks to the team at Coutts for a wonderful project!

Lots of new things underway (some secret, some not!) looking forward to sharing more with you soon. Have a great weekend, if you get a chance go and see the Beatriz Milhazes exhibition at the White Cube, it's AWESOME! x


Coutts Residency - in the window!


I hope that you're having a lovely week, I just wanted to share some photos from my Artist Residency. This time from the period spent in the windows live painting so the public could watch. I created 4 x 2m high canvases, each depicting a different garden from the rooftop at Coutts Bank Headquarters. The finished paintings are currently on display and available to view at 440 Strand London. They are being auctioned for Coram children's charity and 100% of the monies raised will be going to them.

I'll be back next week to share process shots from the painting and the finished pieces x