Wansey St Hoarding - call out for feedback!

Hello all!

This week I've been working hard on the Wansey Street project. I've been commissioned by Southwark Council and Lendlease to create 65 meters of illustrations to adorn the hoardings in front of the Walworth Town Hall. It'll be completed this summer and will stay in place for 3-5 years.

The first step of this project was RESEARCH, learning all about the diverse history and culture of the area. I then began talking to people from the community, to learn more and test my initial ideas. I'm now at a point where I'd love to open up the discussion. If you're local to Walworth I'd love to hear what you think! My proposal follows, if you'd like to offer your feedback please do email me: as I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts.


So the area I'm looking at is Walworth SE17 London, I'm keeping it tight to Walworth and not blurring into Elephant & Castle/ Old Kent Road/ Kennington/ Camberwell etc. The plan is to create a celebratory collage of Walworth with surreal juxtapositions. Not entire buildings, but architectural details along side other elements that add interest and raise questions. This should create an intriguing artwork with familiar elements that can be thought about and gradually reveal themselves over the course of its life span.

Here's the list of things I'm planning to draw, I'm not sure if they'll all be included in the final artwork, but if you'd like to add anything to the list (or think something should be taken off) I'm all ears...

Again, rather than entire portraits/ buildings etc I'm planning to just draw key elements from each subject, ie, a hat or a chimney stack etc etc....

Aylesbury Estate
Villa Street (Octavia Hill Conservation Area)
The Red Lion 407 Walworth Rd 
Vestry Hall 1864
The Walworth Clinic (public health centre of Walworth) 1936 Grade II listed 1930’s sculpture on the top of the Health Building and the quote “The Health of the People is the Highest Law” (‘Salus populi suprema est lex’. Cicero) 
Former Newington Library
St Wilfreds Church 97 Lorrimore Rd
Lorrimore Sq/ rd (used to be grazing land) 1856 building
Sutherland Sq mid 19th C Victorian Houses (Sutherland Sq Conservation Area) was once The 
Bolton Synagogue in Wansey Street opened in 1927 (demolished and replaced with Heygate estate)
St Peters Church - Liverpool Grove (Sir John Soane) churchyard garden - ‘Monkey Park’ 1823
Temple Bar 284-286 Walworth Rd Mock Tudor
Blackwood Street Sunday Flower Market (often referred to as the ‘Root Market’) caged birds were also sold here until 1960’s
East St Baptist Church 177 East St corner of Portland St 1859
St Mark’s Church Hall 1874 (now Chapel Furnishers)
Pullens Buildings 1886 (some of the last remaining Victorian Tenements in London)
The Tankard Mock Tudor Pub 178 Walworth Rd
Walters Close almshouses
The Crown Pub Brandon St (original glazed earthenware tiling)
Surrey Square Georgian Terraced Houses 1795
The Huntsman & Hounds Pub 70 Elsted St
Heygate - Corbusier
Labour Party Head Quarter - socialist roots of area
Beaten Path pub Walworth Rd

Tulips - Walworth Garden where ‘The Florist’s Directory’ was published and became famous for their tulips
Walworth peach
giraffe - from when Pasley Park was the Royal Surrey Zoological Gardens
vesuvious (from events in pleasure gardens)
Baldwins herbs - G. Baldwin & Co Herbalists 171-173 Walworth Rd
Henry Moore sculpture in Brandon estate
Head dress from (Largest Latin American community in the capita)
Bath - Manor Place Baths (Grade II listed 1898 opened) public wash house/ laundry/ swimming baths
Ukelele - Ukelele Orchestra Great Britain
fish/ veg/ fruit - East St Market - East Lane - The Lane (official trading from 1880 but reports of selling as far back as 16th C)
The Brandon Estate (tusk of prehistoric mammoth found here during excavation  - now part of Cuming collection)
Walworth Garden - wrought iron gates/ monkey puzzle tree 
cranes to show building in area
Poppy - Town Hall was sign up centre for WW1 recruits

famous (Charlie Chaplin (bowler hat/ cane/ moustache), Michael Caine (glasses), Charles Babbage, Michael Faraday, Mary Wollstonecraft, Robert Browning, John Ruskin, George Tinworth, Samuel Palmer, Elizabeth Siddall, Octavia Hill)
waves of migration 1840 Irish from potato famine Irish/ African/ Latin American (Creation Trust Project)
feminist print collective - See Red

Area is mentioned in the Doomsday Book 1086 describes village life of the manor with corn growing and cows grazing - draw corn
Walworth Rd was once a cart track that ran through the Walworth Common - draw cart

I really do appreciate you taking the time to read through this GIANT list! If you want to find out more about me you can visit my website and again, if you have ANY views I'd love to hear them

I thought I'd finish with some snaps from recent visits to the area, Walworth has a HUGE wealth of interesting things to celebrate and I'm excited to start drawing them!... x

Brass birds


Cor, lots going on in the studio (some secret for now but hopefully can share by next week!)

Mostly working on the 65m of illustrated hoardings for the front of the Walworth Town Hall (more here), but also starting to plan the permanent artwork for the Barratt Homes development and new country park in Laverstock. All really exciting (esp the secret stuff... but my lips are sealed... although I'm dying to tell you!)

OK, this week I CAN share some shots of the brass birds taken by the lovely fabricators London Mouldmakers. I sculpted these by hand, baked them in my oven and then sent them off to the fabricators to be cast. I'm so chuffed with them. They're going to adorn the street name signs on a Bellway development in South Gloucestershire and I'm excited to see them installed. They'll be accompanied by the tiles, paving and weathervanes I've also created for the project (thanks to Studio Response).

OK, it is now officially the weekend - this means pancakes on Saturday and PJ Paint Club on Sunday WHOOP WHOOP! It also normally means chocolate but I'm still feeling a bit green around the gills after my Easter indulgence (it was ridiculous - the sheer quantity beggars belief - I am 4 foot 10" - no human can eat that much chocolate - and yet reader....... I did!)

See you soon x

Illustrated hoardings

So excited to share (thank goodness as I am horrible at keeping secrets - tell me NOTHING!) that I'm currently working on 65m of illustrated hoardings with Southwark Council and Lendlease for Walworth Town Hall. I'm currently deep into the local history research and it is TOTALLY fascinating!

In other news, I am starting to feel really settled and happy in my new flat by the seaside in Hove. Even on a grey day I find the constant glimpses of the sea around each corner blissful, and I'm really enjoying exploring the new area. 

OK that's it for now, the 'to do' list is too long for anything but a very brief stop and chat! Have a wonderful Easter break, I'll be with family in Surrey eating a ridiculous quantity of chocolate whilst chasing my tiny nephew around and trying to make him cuddle me (poor guy!) x

(Image credit Southwark Council)


The GIANT Lantern Parade

HOORAH! I'm writing to you today on a sunny Spring morning in my pretty new flat in Hove. I've finally unpacked and I'm looking forward to gradually exploring my new neighbourhood by the sea!

Last week was the GIANT lantern parade I've been working on for months and it was FANTASTIC! It was the culmination of the engagement element of my public art commission for the new Barratt Home development in Laverstock. The week before the parade, I'd invited Wessex Archaeology and Wildlife Drawing to run workshops both at the school and at Riverbourne Community Farm culminating in beautiful observational drawings (more info here). Same Sky then spent two days at the school helping every pupil to create their own beautiful hand made lanterns (decorated with the drawings created in the previous days workshops) and managed a beautiful procession.

Here are the images from the lantern procession on the 20th March to celebrate the project, the local community and the Spring Equinox. The junior school pupils and their families paraded with their lanterns from the junior school site down, through the new housing development and down to the infant school site. The Infants were awaiting our arrival waving the hand drawn flags I'd created for them. On arrival there was hot chocolate, singing and a lovely speech from the Head teacher. It was a really magical event and I'm very proud of it. Next up I need to design and create the permanent artwork for the development and new Country Park!

GIANT thanks to everyone who made this happen, particularly the school staff and pupils, Wessex Archaeology, Wildlife Drawing, Riverbourne Community Farm, Same Sky and the marvellous Barbara Leatham for her wonderful photography...


Drawing in Laverstock

Eeeeeeeek! OK, big news first.... I did exchange on my new flat on Monday, so all being well I'm moving to the Hove seaside NEXT WEDNESDAY!  I am currently trying to ignore the mountains of stuff that requires packing, so it's highly likely I'll be bunging it all into bin bags just before the removal company arrive.

This has been a LOVELY week, I've mostly been in Laverstock near Salisbury working on the engagement section of my public art commission for Barratt Homes. After the initial research phase of the project (exploring the unique culture, history and landscape of the area) I'm planning on designing permanent artwork that celebrates;
- the history of Laverstock as an important centre for Medieval tile production
- the unique flora and fauna found on the chalk land and streams

I decided to create an engagement project to celebrate the new housing development, share the excitement of the commission, learn more about the history of the site and the local wildlife. So I designed a project working with Greentrees school (located on the new development), Wessex Archaeology, Wildlife Drawing, Riverbourne Community Farm and Same Sky.

On the first day of the project I'd organised coaches to take half the school over to Riverbourne Community Farm to meet Jennie from Wildlife Drawing for an observational drawing lesson, and to learn the importance of sheep grazing to the local chalk land wildflowers. The other half stayed in school and worked with Talia and Bianca from Wessex Archaeology to learn all about the history of the site and particularly the exciting finds by archaeologists on their school site before the recent build! Both sessions culminated in beautiful final drawings on tissue paper of the local animal and plant life. These drawings are particularly inspiring to me as I start to think about the drawings of local animals and plant life I'll be making inspired by the Medieval Tiles at Salisbury Museum.

Here's an image of the wonderful observational drawing session at the farm...

and here's an image of the brilliant drawing session led by Wessex Archaeology....

Then followed two VERY fun and VERY glue filled days in school with Kathryn and Sandrine from Same Sky. Who worked with EVERY child in the school to create a beautiful willow and tissue paper lanterns (decorated with their drawings from the previous workshops).

We will be having a Lantern Parade to celebrate the new community, the culmination of our project, (and the Spring Equinox!) On Tuesday 20th March from 6pm - 7pm. Each lantern will be filled with a glowing LED, and we will light up the dusk sky walking together from the Junior site to the Infant school site. I am so excited (and frantically checking the weather forecast!)

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Greentrees school (particularly their marvellous Head Teacher Ray Picton) and of course thanks to Studio Response for another great commission. I'll be back next week (from my new seaside home eeeeek!) surrounded by boxes/ binbags needing to be unpacked with images from the lantern parade event.

Remember to join me on Sunday for PJ Paint Club - see you then x


Roll up Roll up (prints for sale)

Hello! I have defrosted since last week and removed most of the layers (tights, a dress and 2 jumpers remain, but we're heading in the right direction.)

This week I paid the (terrifying) deposit/ stamp duty/ legal fees for my lovely new flat in Hove by the seaside HURRAH. I hope that this doesn't jinx it, but I should be exchanging on Monday, completing and then moving VERY VERY soon! - please keep all fingers, toes and limbs crossed for me x

The impending move has forced me to start having a proper clear out, so I have put 4 x screen printed designs into my Etsy Shop (visit here). Each design is screen printed in a limited edition of 20, with hand painted watercolour and additional hand drawn details so each one is a little bit different (see the designs below) and you can have a look at the process of creating them here. Thanks to all those who've bought one so far - much appreciated x

On Tuesday this week I went to give a lecture to Illustration BA and MA students at UCA. I really like it there, the students are thoughtful and attentive and ask good questions (also Farnham has excellent charity shops and I very nearly bought an ENORMOUS rug but managed to stop myself.)

OK, that's it for now, this week's focus has been on the Salisbury and South Gloucestershire Public Art Projects so I'll probably be babbling about them next week.

Have a lovely weekend, and pop over to visit me on Sunday for PJ Paint Club x

PJ Paint Club

Cor it's nippy isn't it!

I have seven layers on, a pint sized mug of tea and a hot water bottle but brrrrrrr.

OK, this week the focus has been on creating the final artwork for the map I'm creating for a new (swanky) London hotel. SO lovely to draw and draw for hours, millions of teeny details and billions of windows. I've finished the drawing now so the next step is colouring it in (shout out to all the eejits who suggested I'd never make a living from colouring in - he he.)

Wed/ Thurs I was in London meetings, zipping all over the shop in the blizzard. I arrived to each meeting with snowy eyebrows, ludicrous hat hair and in the final meeting opened up my portfolio to reveal a section of ginger biscuit that must have fallen in whilst I was on the tube. I am deeply professional.

OK, enough showing off about my incredible presentation skills. This week I wanted to talk to you about my PJ Paint Club as I'd love you to get involved. It's a simple concept born from my distain for Sundays. All the other days are frankly magnificent, but Sundays suck. I was whinging about this to my brilliant friend Jane who suggested I should find a way to make Sundays the VERY BEST day of the week. So here we are. Sundays are now the very best day of the week because I have invented the Sunday PJ and Painting Club.

The PJ Paint Club is open to everyone, everywhere and it's very simple to get involved. Each Sunday, keep your PJ's on, do some painting and share what you're up to on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #PJpaintclub

I like knowing that I have time carved out each week for personal painting, no clients, no deadlines, no brief. A chance to try things, take risks, learn, make some bad paintings (through the risky/ learning process) and hopefully make some bloody marvellous paintings too!

If you can spare 20 mins for a scribbly sketch, a 2 hr stretch, or all day long I would LOVE to see you there. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram and share what you're up to using the hashtag #PJpaintclub

See you on Sunday x