The Civic Trust Awards

Hello you lovely lot!

More good news this week as I found out that The Lexicon development is a regional finalist in the Civic Trust Awards HURRAH. 

I'm super proud of all the work I created for this development... the plaque below, paving, gobos, lanterns, gates, cladding, a light beacon, benches, window vinyls and tote bags PHEW! (more info and images here)

It's been ANOTHER bonkers week, juggling LOTS of projects but all rather exciting so no complaints this end. Also, VERY happy to report that the weekend in Clementine the camper van (with the dreamy Alan) was super. Electric hook up + electric heater = toasty Kerry!

Right I'm off to finish up, three more deadlines before dance class tonight... wish me luck!... x


QEST Book Launch

Morning all!

Cor, lovely night at a super posh do this week celebrating the book launch of 'A Celebration of British Craft' I'm SO proud to be part of it - HUGE thanks to the LOVELY team at QEST!

In 2007 I was VERY lucky to receive a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship (QEST) to go and study Illustration at ARU in Cambridge. This grant COMPLETELY changed my life and I wouldn't be an artist now if it wasn't for their generous support! The book highlights the work of 100 scholars across a diverse range of art forms. Photographer Julian Calder visited me during my Artist Residency this summer at Coutts bank to take the photo below...

He is a whizz, I am the LEAST photogenic person on the globe but he is warm and encouraging and COMPLETELY put me at ease. I actually enjoyed having my photos taking by him (and this NEVER happens!) The book text was written by the equally talented Karen Bennett (I've included the full transcript at the bottom of the post). I jabbered away for AGES and she SOME HOW managed to cut down all my waffling into a lovely piece - thanks Karen!

This is my FABULOUS friend Amy, she is a genius and I love going to posh QEST stuff with her and being naughty x

My dress is made by Dig For Victory in Brighton - they are WONDERFUL (the print on the dress is mine - and originally was created for Harvey Nichols) x

I have been juggling TOO many projects this week so my brain is tofu scramble, PLUS Al, has been away in the States BOOOOOO. BUT, he is back tomorrow WHOOP WHOOP and we're off again (to freeze to death most likely) in Clementine the camper van at the weekend and I CANNOT WAIT!

Have a lovely weekend, I suggest it should involve a bobble hat and crumpets and ideally a long walk and a pub with an open fire. I have now put the heated blanket back on my bed and am merrily ignoring the warnings not to leave it on all night (don't tell my mum) x

Lots of love - here follows Karen's FAB text ..... x

"Nobody Kerry Lemon knew growing up could give her any advice on how she could use her love of drawing professionally.  ‘I always adored drawing and found it potent; if I drew a picture of beautiful shoes, to me they were as real as owning an actual pair.’ Her school suggested training to become a primary school teacher. She  had planned to study for a B.Ed. at Reading University, but just before starting switched to study Fine Art. On graduating she began working in the education departments of Museums and Galleries and undertook an MA in Museum Studies.  After time Kerry got an Education role job working with five artists-in-residence at South Hill Park Arts Centre in Berkshire (removed) she enjoyed it, but loved their job more and longed to be an artist.

The breakthrough came when she discovered the MA in Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge.  ‘I was certain this would give me the chance to be the artist I had in my head, whose drawings could end up in a magazine or on the side of an aeroplane. The QEST Scholarship was a lifeline.’ At the crack of dawn every Wednesday, she travelled to Cambridge with a rucksack crammed with books so she could read and sketch on the way.  Circumstances mean that Kerry only completed the first-year Postgraduate Diploma, but she was filled with optimism.

She wrote a business plan that gave her three years to become a full-time artist. ‘I achieved this in half the time, albeit supporting a basic existence.’  Initially she was paid (Removed) to illustrate print articles and websites - typewriter here, a cauliflower there - then the jobs started to grow. Kerry was asked by the Electrum Gallery in London if she could paint their window.  Her first thought was ‘not in a million years, everybody will be watching’, but she practised drawing backwards on the windows of her flat and experimented with paints to discover which would stay on (and come off).  ‘I didn’t sleep the night before, but loved the scale and interaction (a young girl walking past was transfixed – I would have been the same).’

Kerry documented everything so she could market the service if it went well.  She contacted Liberty and they were looking for a mural for their new Beauty Hall, so she created a giant magnolia and peacock to adorn the new space.  ‘This felt like a passport to a new realm of work and I have a reminder in ink: a magnolia flower tattoo on my foot.’  She found the nature of retail work, prominent for a couple of months then ceasing to exist, a freeing experience.  ‘I could create something absolutely right for the moment and to the best of my ability, knowing it wouldn’t be winking at me 10 years down the line looking out of place.’

However, Kerry also wanted to work on something lasting.  She contacted property developers and was invited to a meeting about mixed-use development in London Fields; the brief was a clean slate.  There was glass-bottomed, rooftop pool above the atrium with a wildflower garden at ground level.  ‘They placed amazing trust in me and after a period of research I created an 18-metre by six-metre brass wall installation cut as a patch of water lilies.’  The light through the pool dances across them and reflects onto the atrium floor.  As with every other job, this put Kerry into a new bracket and she was asked to oversee the artistic elements on the redevelopment of Bracknell town centre.

She is pictured in the window of Coutts private bank on The Strand in London.  ‘They have a beautiful rooftop garden that I wanted to bring down to the street.’ She was there as Artist in Residence which included creating prints for their top clients and culminated in live painting four giant canvases in the window, which were auctioned for charity.  ‘It is empowering to know I have gone out and found these jobs; I long to tell my eight-year-old self that this is how I make my living.’

From designing actual versions of her imaginary plants with molecular scientists at Royal Holloway University to painting a mural of instruments for the Musashino Academia Musicae University in Tokyo, she knows she can make anything happen from a drawing on a page and that feels as powerful now as it did as a child.  The title of her book says it all: Fearless Drawing."

HRH The Queen!

NOW THEN.......


I had THE MOST AMAZING time meeting the Queen last Friday. It was SUCH an honour to speak to her about the artwork I had created throughout The Lexicon development. Delighted to report that she was warm and kind and funny, and I remembered all the scary etiquette stuff!

Memory of a LIFETIME! 

HUGE thanks to Stuart Turkington for the BRILLIANT photos x

In other news am having a mental week in the studio (mostly because I keep skiving off to gossip with friends - Autumn is THE BEST gossiping season!) I'm juggling TOO MANY projects at once, but I am self medicating with Christmas Spiced tea which is a MARVELLOUS help.

Be back soon (curtsy's and wanders off to boil the kettle...) x

Hotel plan

Hello lovely people!

Cor, Autumn is properly brilliant isn't it. I am currently perfecting my hot chocolate recipe, making crumbles and plotting many casseroles! (FYI - hot choc should be cocoa + honey + ginger + cinnamon + nutmeg + almond milk + MUCH whisking).

This week I've been working madly across all my projects (which ALWAYS boggles my teeny brain!)
- public artwork for Laverstock nr Salisbury (stone pillars and paving)
- public artwork for South Glos (weather vanes/ sculptures/ tiles and paving
- public artwork strategy for Maidstone (GIANT sculptures planned... watch this space...)
- 95m illustrated hoardings for Southwark
- Illustrated blinds for Eton Museum
- New chocolate box designs for Charbonnel et Walker


On Friday I'm meeting THE QUEEN!!! to show her the artwork I created for the Lexicon Development in Bracknell Berkshire (Mam rhyming with Ham so I understand)

OK, off to practice my curtesy...

In the meantime here's some new work for Colt on behalf of the super swanky new Principle hotel in London (artwork for their brochure and a cake box.)

Have a lovely week - BACK SOON x



Bad news... VERY bad news.....

The building I've spent the last 3 years working on (and my ABSOLUTE DREAM PROJECT) hasn't received planning permission, we've appealed and been rejected again and so it is not going to get built. I'm SO disappointed.

The good news is that I LOVED working on it and can now EVENTUALLY share what I've been up to!...

I was approached by GS8 Developers 3 years ago with a VERY exciting proposition. They wanted me to design a small block of luxury apartments in Epping (Essex, UK). I was OBVIOUSLY thrilled. The plan was for me to create a conceptual design for a sculpture containing seven apartments. I would then collaborate with the talented (and ever patient!) Lynas Smith Architects to adapt the idea and fully realise the concept into a working building.

I started out exploring the history, landscape and culture of the site and surrounding area but quickly began to focus on Epping Forest. As time went on the concept developed to create a forest refuge featuring a secret forest garden in the roof, open to the sky. The building would be clad in corten steel panels (to reflect the colours of the surrounding brick buildings) and feature the plants and animals found in the historic forest.

It was a WONDERFUL project, and although I'm SO DISAPPOINTED it won't be realised I LOVED the opportunity to work on such an ambitious and large scale commission and I'm really proud of the work we produced...  ONWARDS xxx


Printmaking Workshop - Gunnersbury Park Museum

Hello you!

Here's some snaps from the printmaking workshop I recently taught at Gunnersbury Park Museum. I had THE BEST day with a deeply inspiring group of adults working directly from nature on a range of low tech and low cost printmaking techniques that don't need a press and can be easily replicated at home. We created printmaking blocks from carved plasticine and engraved polystyrene. It was SO MUCH FUN!

In other news I've finished the final 30m of the EPIC 95m meter illustrated hoardings I've been working on for Southwark and I'm SO excited to see it all installed! 

This Friday is a half day as we're zipping* off in Clementine (the orange camper van - my second favourite thing in the universe!!) to head off to a BIG family reunion on the Saturday and then Sunday I'm performing with my Charleston Dance Troupe WHOOP WHOOP!

I hope you have lovely plans for the weekend, I would like to suggest pancakes should feature heavily!

( * FULL DISCLOSURE... Clementine is a granny camper van and unable to 'zip' which suggests EXTREME speed but I love her x) 


MAC Cosmetics


I have had a LOVELY week!

I was approached by Polar Black Events to create a Parisian map for MAC Cosmetics the morning after booking a Christmas trip to Paris with the (VERY lovely) Alan! It was a brilliant job with great timing allowing me to draw lots of landmarks in Paris and day-dream about my upcoming trip!

Next week I'll be finishing off the last 30m of the 95m of illustrated hoardings I'm creating for Southwark Council. I'm then zooming off in Clementine (the camper van) on Friday for a weekend away seeing family and on Sunday I'm performing with my Charleston Dance Troupe at Hayling Island and I'm SO EXCITED! It's our first performance and this week will be a flurry of rehearsals/ sorting out our costumes (and MOST importantly... learning to dance in heels!!!)

Have a lovely week - next time I'll be back with news from my printmaking class at Gunnersbury Park Museum (which I LOVED!) x