Education Projects

What an amazing Christmas!! I hope that yours was great too and wish you a happy and peaceful 2010.

I finally got around to getting the film in my old SLR camera developed to make way for my new DSLR (yey!!). I'd forgotten I'd taken these shots, and so wanted to share them with you now. They were taken in October at The New Ashgate Gallery where I was commissioned to create a family friendly activity to celebrate The Big Draw 2009.

The project was based on an old Victorian Parlour game where a drawing of a person or animal is begun and then each guest adds to the drawing (without being able to see any of the drawings before them).

I drew four animal heads (bluetit, fish, rabbit, crocodile) onto rolls of lining paper and then the public dropped in over the course of the day to develop my initial drawings into giant crazy creatures with multiple legs and tails. At the end of the day the drawings were unfurled and pinned to the gallery walls for everyone to enjoy.

More recently I ran a series of family Christmas workshops at The Savill Gallery, I completely forgot to document the sessions (hence the new camera and New Years resolution No. 1 "document properly!") but we created cute reindeer hobby-horses and GIANT willow Christmas trees.

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