Tomatoes for April

These are the April Illustrations for Alys Fowler's Column (available in all good newsagents today!) I had the additional challenge of drawing 2 x garden plans for two other sections in the magazine which was lots of fun.

My big moon face is also on the contributer page this month! ...

This week I'm finishing off the RSPCA's lovely annual report, doing more birdy paintings ready for my May exhibition at Farnham Maltings (currently 3 down 7 to go - I'll share some pics soon), and doing some more work to the dreamy book cover commission.

I'm teaching "Drawing for the Terrified" at Norden Farm Arts Centre this Sat, it's fully booked now at 16 and so tonight I'm sorting out their packs and eating a giant veg curry (thanks Steve!)

Have a lovely week whatever you're up to x

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