Champagne invite

Here's the illustration I created for the National Trust Magazine's party held at RIBA on Wednesday. I'm really pleased with it and I'm just about to add it to the food section of my website.

I created the texture for the bubbles in the glass by adding paint to a pot of kids bubbles, and then blowing them (and letting them pop) onto paper. I then scanned them in and layered them over the drawing (followed by cleaning bubble splat marks from all over the kitchen floor!)

Today I worked on my friend's logo for her cake company (can't wait to show you!) and another lovely brief from the RSPCA. I'm just about to start the June illustrations for Gardens Illustrated (sweetcorn this time) which reminds me I must scan in the Peas from the April edition as I'm really chuffed with those.

Have a great weekend whatever you're up to! x

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