Japanese Vogue

Hurrah! chuffed to bits to see my recent Liberty Mural in the September edition of Japanese Vogue, an on their blog here. I have an ongoing fantasy about being commissioned to create a mural in a store in Tokyo, and once my new letterpressed postcards are ready I'm planning to approach a few stores - don't ask don't get eh! If you have any recommendations for suitable stores and boutiques in Tokyo then I'd be very grateful for the advice!
I'm currently working for a Japanese client, creating an album cover for Sony Music Japan, a lovely botanical job with a nice long deadline so I can really take my time. I recently met with the art director in London to discuss the brief and she brought me some beautiful gifts of origami paper and traditional fabric - I wish I received gifts in all my meetings!

Yesterday I visited Pallant House Gallery in Chichester with my lovely friend Ellen, we made the trip to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition and we were not disappointed. It was a great show, and the permanent collection is also definitely worth the trip, we didn't make reservations at the restaurant within the gallery and it was full, but we've eaten there before and I HIGHLY recommend it. The gallery foyer was decorated with tissue paper banners depicting Kahlo's work - they were on sale in the shop and so I now have a 13ft one hanging in the studio. It is completely ridiculous and I love it!

Tomorrow I'm heading to the Barbican to see "Watch me Move" an exhibition of animation, and "Out of Australia" at the British Museum which is prints and drawings from Australia. Have a great weekend whatever you do, and next week I'll share the chapter heading drawings from the recently published Field book x


bambi and the monster said...

Congratulations! That liberty design really is beautiful! i'd love to be able to work in Japan myself so good look with that! :)

Kerry said...

Thank you, fingers crossed for us both x