The Big Draw 2011

On Monday I was commissioned by the New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham to devise and deliver a Big Draw event at More House School in Frensham. I had a lovely afternoon creating a giant storybook with their highly imaginative and creative students, and was really inspired by the drawings they created.

Each pupil received a different postcard from the National Gallery, they chose where on the page to glue down this card and then extended and developed the narrative picture postcard to fill the empty page. They coloured their drawings and then used used bamboo skewers and indian ink to complete their drawing. An extra sheet of paper was then placed between each student, and they then had to work together on these drawings to link the narratives and create a long (and mostly wordless) picture book.

I am DELIGHTED with the finished 40 page book, it will be on display at The New Ashgate Gallery later this month so if you live nearby do go and visit their wonderful work!

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