Poppy sculptures

I wanted to share some images from a recent workshop where we created a field of poppy flower sculptures. They were a terrific group and  a real pleasure to work with, I was particularly impressed with the range of insects and butterflies they created to bring their flowers to life, and loved to see their work all lined up together at the end of the session.

EDFAS (a local branch of the national NADFAS organisation) regularly fund me to devise and deliver a range of youth arts projects in the area. This time we returned to work with a group of young carers from Windsor and Maidenhead for a lovely, fun (and very messy!) art workshop.

Last Friday I started my fantastic new drawing class at the British Museum, and came home with the first three spreads of my new A4 sketchbook happily scribbled on. My parents bought me a special rucksack for Christmas which (much like an 80's transformer) can be turned into a comfortable drawing stool - it's perfect but is already 1/2 full of pencil shavings so needs a clear out before tomorrow!

Lots of lovely new things to share once they're published - I'm particularly itching to get my hands on the Feb (Spanish) edition of Elle, so I can show you a lovely commission completed for them just before Christmas - hopefully next week! Have a lovely weekend, eat some cake, do a drawing and I'll be back next time! x

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