Radio Times

Hello! This week's Radio Times features some new work (knickers!) to illustrate an article about Mary Portas new TV show starting this Thurs on Channel 4. I was commissioned to draw three, a cheap, mid range and expensive pair with labels to reflect the price, and I really liked drawing the lace textures.

This week I've finished a new job for Jamie Magazine, a lovely commission illustrating lemons, almonds, hazelnuts, vanilla and saffron for a feature about digestifs, so I'm really looking forward to sharing that soon. I'm just finishing off a lovely nature commission for BBC Wildlife Magazine that will be published in May, and then I'm starting new jobs for Holland and Barrett and Chai Volcan.

This Saturday I'll be in Willesdon Green as I've been commissioned by The Architecture Foundation as part of their Urban Pioneers Programme. I'll be working with a group of 16-19yr old students with a keen interest in architecture and the built environment to explore their surroundings in a creative art workshop. My day with them is one of a series of four Saturdays, and the project will culminate in a zine to document the work created. I'll show you what we got up to next week - fingers crossed for a lovely sunny day on Sat! x

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