Teaching at Squam USA

I'm back in the studio after a week teaching drawing at the AMAZING Squam Art Retreat in New England USA. It takes place in a beautiful camp on the banks of lake Squam in New Hampshire, with students and teachers living on site sharing wooden cabins. Each cabin has a wooden refrigerator with ice harvested from the lake during the winter and a log fire (with fresh wood and ice delivered each morning). 

My little cabin (below) was called High Pines for obvious reasons:

We were right on the lake edge with our own private dock onto the water and I loved the swimming - the lake was so clear and blue.

I shared my cabin with such a great group of fun, friendly and creative women including fellow teacher Harriet Goodall a basket weaver from NSW Australia, (pictured below), Elizabeth Duvivier (Squam Creator and Director) Phoebe Wahl, (illustrator), Kaitlyn Bouchard, (photographer and assistant to Elizabeth) Amiee Wright (beautiful crochet artist), and photographer Thea Coughlin.

Photo of me and Phoebe below (photo credit http://instagram.com/phoebewahl/)

The entire camp had been beautifully decorated with fairy lights, yarn and mobiles - even the trees!

Below is a photo of my classroom with the beautiful log fire:

The food was great, we all ate together in the dining hall and me and the awesome Josephine treated ourselves to a breakfast of fresh waffles on the last day.

My class was called Drawn to Squam and focused on developing a personal drawing language inspired by the beautiful surrounding at Squam:

My students were so creative and inspiring, they created wall paper panels, pieces for framing, bunting, hand made books and vase wraps and were such a pleasure to work with. 
Here's a tiny sample of their beautiful work:

The beautiful heart below was woven by my talented room mate Harriet, adorned with lights and hung in the trees, it really sums up the whole experience of Squam for me...


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