This week I thought I'd share some spreads from my scrapbooks, I am OBSESSED with keeping scrapbooks, a habit picked up at uni and continued ever since. They are a complete treasure trove of gorgeous images and completely save the day when I'm up against a tight illustration deadline feeling completely uninspired and stuck. I find the juxtaposition of diverse images help me to think more creatively about composition and pairing up surreal subject matter. 

Each Autumn I go away with sketchbook, and I'm starting to plot where to escape to this year. Currently Copenhagen or Vienna are top of my list and I'm having so much fun researching all the possibilities - I'll keep you posted!

Have a great weekend - I'm off to The Museum of London x

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Karolina B. said...

Go to Vienna, definitely. It's one of most special cities I was lucky to live in. When you accept the dignity and overwhelming power of architecture you enojy how incredible place it is (this dignity was a problem for me for the first two months. Empty streets, lots of tourists...) I fell in love and now I am sorry I cannot be there all the time.
You can find some nice graffiti art, little restaurants and places you want to spend a whole day.