Last night I returned from a fantastic trip to Amsterdam to see the wonderful Chambres des Canaux. An exhibition of contemporary artwork by 35 international artists displayed across 20 (normally private) residential canal houses. My joint favourite work was by Carlos Amorales who displayed a machine which draws with coal and the resultant banners (below), and the films of Leon & Concina Lucia and Luis. I had the best time viewing fantastic art whilst snooping around really stunning classic Amsterdam homes!

I stayed on the most beautiful houseboat in a self contained apartment, the owner was so friendly and accommodating and made the most incredible enormous vegan breakfasts!

I found Amsterdam so friendly and inspiring and I'm already itching to return, there's so much more to see than fits into a 3 day trip so I will definitely be back for more! 

This week I'm in the studio working on the book and the sculpture commission in East London, on Friday I'll share a new blogpost here with my illustrated Christmas biscuit tins, advent calendars and fudge tins for Fortnum & Mason - see you then x

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