Wrap around Grist Cover

Here's a new drawing for Grist's Health Advisor Magazine, It illustrates an article about the new 'listening' 'programmes at the NHS engaging with patients and staff to uncover concerns.

Today's been lots of fun, I had a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine with an interview about my career. The flat was scrubbed to within an inch of its life, and the studio had a rather drastic tidy up before hand to make it all a bit more presentable! I really enjoyed getting my hair and make up done and the team was really friendly. I hate having my photo taken but the photographer was great and really put me at ease.

This week I've been drawing doughnuts for the Phaidon baking book, finishing off animal illustrations for Countryfile and zipping off for meeting about new (and exciting) projects. This weekend I am looking forward to a well earned rest! x

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