Holland & Barrett liquorice

Hello! here's a new drawing of a liquorice plant for Holland & Barrett, I always love these commissions as it's so interesting to find out what all these plants actually look like (my understanding of the visual properties of this plant before this drawing was of liquorice allsorts!)

Tomorrow I'm off to the building site in East London, I'm working on a G I A N T installation (30 doors, a lift and a wall sculpture of 18 x 6 meters) created from laser cut brass. This will be my first site visit and I'm really looking forward to getting a sense of the building - it's a retail and residential development of 30 flats and 5 commercial units. After that I'm off to the OXO tower on the Southbank for a skills exchange with a textile artist. I'll be teaching her drawing and she'll be teaching me hand embroidery HURRAH!

Have a fun week and next week I'll be back to share the results of my current etching course! x

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doctoring in arts said...

I was searching for some inspiration on google and I ended up here.. You have a beautiful blog and really creative works... love them..