Illustrating 'Thrive' and magnesium

Here's some new drawings for Holland & Barrett, to illustrate 'Thrive' a counselling technique that people can learn independently - normally through a workbook, and magnesium found in potatoes, wheat, leafy greens and nuts.

This week I've been drawing lobsters for Holland & Barrett and sheep for Countryfile, I finished the doors and the lifts for the big new development in East London and popped into the University of Hertfordshire to meet their 2nd year illustration students. On Tuesday I went to the Foundling Museum to hear Lucy Cash (their first artist in residence) in conversation with writer Deborah Levy, and then Wednesday was treated to a trip to the cinema to see The Royal Ballet's Alice in Wonderland - the sets and costumes were so inspiring!

Have a great weekend - I'm off to my etching class again tomorrow!

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