Squam Art Retreat USA

I'm back after the most FANTASTIC week teaching drawing at Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire USA. The photo above was taken by the super talented photographer Kaitlyn Bouchard (who does the BEST English accent!) after we'd hiked to the top of Rattlesnake Mountain above the camp where the retreat is set. This photo completely describes my sensation of being at Squam, I buzzed with energy and inspiration and had so much fun!

Here's cabin mate Amy Gretchen at the top too (another incredible photographer and a really lovely friend). The retreat is held at Rockywold Deephaven where everyone stays in beautiful wooden cabins each with a private dock, porch, open fire and a wooden fridge with ice harvested from the lake and replenished each morning. 

Here's some of my cabin mates in front of the fire, the geniuses Elizabeth Duvivier (founder and director of Squam) and Amy Gretchen.

Squam draws participants and teachers from all over the world for an inspiring art retreat, my first visit was in 2013 and it was so much fun to return again this year. I taught two classes of drawing (based in part on exercises from my new book 'Fearless Drawing')

Above is my classroom complete with twinkly fairy lights, the floor and tables are covered in plastic so we can make as much mess as we want (and I like a lots of messy drawing!) My students were so inspiring, fun, open and generous. They made the most beautiful drawings using collage, stitch, ink and frottage and it was incredible to see their skills, ideas and most importantly their confidence develop so quickly.

We hired kayaks which were delivered to our private dock, and sat waiting for us ready when we got back from teaching. I spent five days at Squam but only taught for 12 hours and so in addition to the wonderful opportunity to teach, there was plenty of time for kayaking, hiking and attending Meghan Gombos yoga sessions in front of an open fire. As well as plenty of time for giggling, messing around, eating the delicious food at the camp and generally having the time of my life.

The handmade clipboard above was a gift from my wonderful student Kat, and the beautiful gloves below were knitted by another fantastic student Hoskins (huge thanks to both for these thoughtful presents)

Special mention to the glorious Colleen Attara (pictured below - thanks for this photo Colleen!) who was the sweetest and kindest room mate and a ton of fun.

She even lent me her clothes for my book signing on the last night (we all raided her amazing closet for outfits!) Here I am at my book signing, (thanks to my publisher Mary Adams for the photo) and HUGE thanks to all I met, I really appreciated your support! You can purchase Fearless Drawing from Amazon UK here and US here and I'd really really appreciate it if you could write an Amazon review. I'd love to her your thoughts, and it would help others that might be considering buying.

I'm back home now, full of gratitude and happiness for the greatest week. I cannot believe that this is my job I feel so lucky, motivated and inspired - which is just as well as I have lots of commissions to complete this week!

I'll be back next week to post new work for Virgin Airways, have a great week! x


Sarah said...

That first photo of you is exactly the energy you exuded for the whole retreat! It was an absolute pleasure to take your class and I love the work I did with you. Thanks awesome teacher!!

Kerry said...

Thanks so much Sarah! x

Harriet said...

Aww KAL - Love that you swam with the tide and embodied the American verve plus two geniuses and a roomie with an amazing wardrobe!?? I suppose I can be seen wearing Phoebe Wahl's grey cardie in my online workshop... and you got to do kayaks, hiking and yoga with beautiful Meg? Sigh. xx love from AWSTRALIA

Kerry said...

Harriet you were so missed lovely, come to the UK so we can hang out! x