BBC Antiques Roadshow - fancy lady

Hello! here's a fancy lady drawn for BBC Antiques Roadshow, I LOVED drawing her hair and was inspired by the amazing plaited hairdos that Khaleesi has on 'Game of Thrones'. I'm having a curly haired phase at the moment, rag rolling my wet hair, sleeping in it, and waking up to lovely curly hair HOORAY!

Last night I went to see Push at the London Coliseum to watch the incredible Sylvie Guillem and Russell Maliphant. It was astonishing and I can't stop thinking about it (you can see a clip of one of the pieces here) It's on for four more performances if you can go then GO SEE!

This week I've been working hard on the installation pieces for the new development in East London. It's a six story structure with 32 flats and 5 commercial spaces and I'm creating all the doors, the lift and a giant sculpture for the atrium all from laser cut and etched brass so that's keeping me busy! It won't be installed until the end of the year but I'm looking forward to showing you what I've been up to.

Have a lovely week and I'll be back next week with more drawings and jabbering x

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Randall Laue said...

Glad i found you....