Echinacea for Holland & Barrett


Here's a new illustration for Holland & Barrett, I really loved drawing this plant and used much brighter colours than usual - the new Phaidon book I illustrated has obviously had an affect on my colours!

Last night I went to see Lucius in the beautiful Islington Assembly Hall, the music was (of course) FANTASTIC but I really loved the way the two female singers had identical looks - hair, make up and clothing. They would be amazing to draw, as the fact they were dressed up identically actually served to highlight the differences between the two women.

As I was out I missed the start of the new Grayson Perry TV show about Identity, but I'll be watching tonight. From the 25th all the work created for the TV show will be on display at The National Portrait Gallery. It will be incredible (I still constantly think about his show 'Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman' at The British Museum) so if you can make it GO GO GO!

On Sunday I'm going to a calligraphy class, I'm really excited as I always want to improve my hand writing, and the use of text in my illustrations. If I create something that's not too terrible I'll share it on Instagram.

This week I've completed a new wrap around cover for Grist about the NHS, and have started two new drawings for Holland & Barrett. The major job at the moment is a HUGE Christmas window 26 meters x 12 meters I am LOVING it and so excited to see it installed!

See you next week x

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