Coutts Christmas Windows 2

Hello, here's a few more photos of my windows at Coutts 440 Strand (taken by the very clever Emma Brown) they're up until the end of 2014 so do go and visit if you're in the area!

It's been the most brilliant week, I spent a few days in Devon walking and relaxing in the beautiful countryside and I'm now back in the studio finishing off some new drawings for Holland & Barrett. This morning I was at my funders Ted Baker sharing the first terms drawings created at my residency (I'm spending a year collaborating with a plant molecular scientist at Royal Holloway University - more info here) and so I had a fantastically exciting morning of show and tell!

Next week I'll be back to show you a little more about the process of creating these windows, the inspiration and design drafts, but until then have a lovely week! x

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Simply: beautiful.