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I hope that you're having a wonderful week.

I've finished off my drawings for Imbibe magazine, and I'm working on the family trail for The Chelsea Physic Garden and a new exciting book cover for Hodder & Stoughton. I'm off to visit Ted Baker HQ tomorrow, they continue to fund my Artist-in-Residence project (and therefore have my undying love) and so I'm going to show them what I got up to during the summer term last year. 

This week I thought I'd share an interview I did for them in their A/W 15 Curiosities brochure (in all good stores now!) It was shot in London's Natural History Museum, and their new collection is GORGEOUS!

Here's the text from the interview below...



Cutting her teeth during a fine art degree before gaining a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship to study in Cambridge, illustrator Kerry Lemon now spends her time as Artist-in-Residence at Royal Holloway University.

More than just a fancy title, the groundbreaking residency sees her working with botanists and scientists to explore the possibilities of creating new, and altering existing plants to reflect her drawings - she describes it as "the most exciting project (she has) ever undertaken."

Much like Ted, she is fascinated with lines and patterns and takes in every little detail as she draws. From the tones of a sepal to the whisper of veins in a petal. Kerry admits to being enchanted by plants and flowers. Their colours, patterns and ingenuity offering her endless inspiration.

Kerry listens to talk radio and audio books as she draws (music affects her lines) and is inspired by poetry - the illustrated kind, naturally. Speaking of inspirations, Kerry makes sure to clear her busy schedule once a year to take a culture-soaking trip to reinvigorate. She names Iceland as the most inspiring place she's ever been. "The colour and active physicality of the environment is incredible", remarking on Reykjavik's beautiful cornucopia-toned houses.

The sometimes-investigative, sometimes-explorative nature of her work has afforded her the opportunity to explore the world by venturing off the beaten track a little. During a Residency at The Nordic Watercolour Museum on the tiny Swedish island of Tjorn she found herself drawing in a beautiful isolated artists' cabin on stilts in a lake full of blue jellyfish: "it was heaven and I can't wait to return".

And what would she call a species of flower she's stumbled upon, perhaps on one of her inspiration-finding trips? "That's easy: Kerry Lemon. I love my name!"

Last week I zipped around some exhibitions that are worth seeing, Ladybird by Design at the House of Illustration, Alice Anderson at The Wellcome Collection and MOST importantly delicious vegan cake at Drink, Shop & Do - highly recommended!

OK that's it for me I'll be back next week with more chat - until then keep drawing! x

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