Illusive Contemporary Illustrtaion

Hello! I'm really pleased to share the new book on Contemporary Illustration from Gestalten "Illusive" above. My large scale installations for Smythson and Coutts were selected for inclusion, and I'm really proud to see them in print (available now in all good bookshops!). There's so many inspiring illustrators and it's a lovely big hardback so I'm really enjoying leafing through with a big cup of tea in the evenings.
It's so great to be back in the studio after Marrakech but it's a brief manic spell of work before I head off to India next Tuesday I AM SOOOO EXCITED! If you'd like to keep up with my travels (and my sketchbook) you can follow me on Instagram here. I've now started the second year of my Artist in Residence project at Royal Holloway University funded by the lovely folk at Ted Baker (there's more info about it here). This term I'm attending the lectures and taking part in the practicals of the Developmental Biology course and it's HARD! lots and lots of studying required - wish me luck!
OK, back to a mixture of finishing off deadlines and packing for next week... next time I'll big back with a HUGE blogpost all about my Indian adventure! x

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