Mural design process


I'm back after a wonderful trip to Tokyo hand painting a mural for a university, full of noodles, jetlag and totally AMAZING experiences. I was so sad to leave, it was THE MOST exciting and inspiring trip, but it's so nice to be reunited with Steve and to be back in my studio. You can see the final mural here but I thought it might also be interesting to see the design process, from the initial idea to the final idea which I've shared above. 

There were so many highlights from the trip, sights, people, foods and sounds. The main thing was how kind people were, wonderful friends taking me on fantastic days out, and lovely strangers in shops, restaurants and transport taking care to ensure I wasn't lost or confused! 

My ABSOLUTE favourite things were....
1. cold soba noodles with dipping sauce (I am now addicted)
2. my Ikebana class with The OHara School
3. hiking the Takao-san
4. the autumn colour - especially the red maples and ginkgos
(You can see picture of all these thing (and much more!) on my Instagram and Twitter feeds)

Every trip I take has an impact on the work I make, I think the main thing that I'll be bringing forward is Ikebana. Ikebana is an artform, a very traditional form of Japanese flower arrangement that explores the use of negative space. I have bought home a vase, shears and kenzan (the pin base on which you fix the flowers) and I plan to take these to Cove Park to explore more for my residency there in January so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Until then I have a MOUNTAIN of catching up to do! My clients have been so patient but I really need to get cracking as there's lots of deadlines that need to be met before Father Christmas arrives.

Have a great week x

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