Eton Natural History Museum - Eton College


WOWSER 2017 is busy and bloody brilliant at the moment. I'm working very long hours in the studio because I'll be off to Scotland week after next to do an Artist Residency at Cove Park (I am BEYOND excited, and rummaging through cupboards to find all the warm things I own ready to pack!)

This week I can share a new timeline about the life of Sir Joseph Banks for permanent display at Eton Natural History Museum (this follows on from the museum activity trails I created for them earlier in 2016). It's a GIANT 1m high x 65cm wide and has been printed and reverse mounted onto perspex by the lovely folk at CColour who printed and installed my drawings for Coutts window display.

OK, more drawing this afternoon before tap dancing class tonight (I've recently returned to ballet and tap classes after a 19 year break and I"M LOVING IT!) xxx

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