Valentines - Charbonnel et Walker


It's been so exciting to see my Valentines collaboration with Charbonnel et Walker back in store over the last month (you can find out more about the process of creating it here and here). The design focuses on the jewelled feathers of the peacock, and includes a crown on the head (as one of Charbonnel's iconic chocolate designs is a crown) and a feather detail along the edge of the box. I'm really proud of these boxes and excited to be collaborating with them again on new projects for 2018.

LOTS of work happening in the studio at the mo... I'm juggling 3 public art commissions, 2 packaging projects and 2 advertising jobs This week I have been drawing moths like a moth drawing machine! I'm creating 15 gobos (projected light drawings onto the ground) for a public art project and it's TOO exciting.

HURRAH! OK nuff chat back to work.....x

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