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Just a quick (deeply belated) update on current projects. Things have moved really quickly for me, shifting from a practice that was mostly illustration, to one which is almost totally public art. I'm having such an exciting time and learning SO MUCH! 

Current jobs include...

- The Lexicon - creating integrated artwork for the new town centre including gobos, paving, lanterns, street furniture, light sculpture, gates, cladding.

- St James' Mews - commissioned by Studio Response to create artwork for a Bellway development of 64 new homes in South Gloucestershire inspired by British birds (hence the goldfinch above that will eventually be a sculpture)

- Riverdown Park creating artwork for a new Barratt development of 500 homes in Salisbury alongside a new country park

- Collaborating with Lynas Smith commissioned by GS8 to design a block of 7 luxury apartments in Essex

- Conningbrook Lakes - lead Artist commissioned by Francis Knight to work with them on the consultation and writing the Arts Strategy for a new development of 300 homes and a country park

There are other exciting things in the pipeline also, but I can't talk about them yet!

I am loving the complete artistic freedom these new longer projects allow, the chance to research and find my own themes of interest to build the work around, and most of all, the chance to work at scale in such diverse materials.

As always, to keep up with progress day to day please follow me on Instagram here

Have a lovely weekend (a long one for those in the UK!) x 

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Crimson Kettle said...

I really enjoyed all your beautiful artwork at The Lexicon today.