Conningbrook Lakes


Phew, it's always crazy this time of year isn't it. I'm on a mission to take 7 FULL DAYS OFF over Christmas (a first and a proper Christmas miracle!) but in order to do this I need to get lots and lots and lots of stuff done. I am currently juggling eight projects and losing my tiny mind, but finding leaning hard on all the Christmas snacks to be deeply beneficial!

For now I thought I'd share a little about a project I recently worked on....

I was commissioned by FrancisKnight to collaborate on a new residential development and country park 'Conningbrook Lakes' in Ashford Kent. A fantastic development by Chartway, Latimer and Ashford Borough Council, my role was 'Lead Artist' as part of the strategy development to liaise with the design team, undertake research, public consultation and contribute to the overarching vision of the public art strategy.

As an artist regularly given public art strategies and briefs it was really exciting to have the chance to be on the other side. To work as part of the team to establish the themes and various commissions for the new development.

My favourite part of the process was the community engagement, we worked with a wide range of community groups to gain feedback on our initial ideas and give people the opportunity to contribute to the process. My highlight was running a creative art workshop with the local Beaver group to design benches for the new country park...

I'm hoping to find more time for teaching and running creative courses and workshops next year as I really do miss it!

Have a lovely week and I'll be back again soon xxx

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