The marvellous Rachna

HURRAH! I am now the proud owner of the MOST brilliant appliqued and hand embroidered wall hanging x

I collected it at the weekend by the GENIUS Rachna Garodia. We did a skills swap where I created a logo for her and she created this glorious piece for me.

I first met Rachna in 2014 when she got in touch to find out about drawing lessons, and I suggested that we didn't use money but spent the day together swapping our skills. I would teach her to draw and she could teach me to embroider. I had such a lovely time with her and really enjoyed myself.
Then she got in touch again a few months ago to ask me to create a logo for her, and I suggested we did the same thing again. I could create a logo for her and she could create something for me and she thought it was a really nice idea.

I asked her for a wall hanging ready for my new flat in Hove and she offered to make me something bespoke! SUCH a treat. I've always admired her embroidery of birds, (and since I'm currently working on a HUGE public art commission inspired by birdlife in South Gloucestershire) I asked for a portrait of me surrounded by birds.

I LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH - the embroidery on the birds is beautiful and I really love my glasses and nose ring

I visited her open studio in a beautiful old school...

and she had work in the group exhibition on the top floor...

I absolutely loved this project with Rachna, you should follow her on Instagram here...

It was a spectacular weekend - lovely Zerin had created a vegan afternoon tea/ crafting day on the Saturday and then Sunday I got to see Rachna at her studio and then went to the Serpentine show with Willa - highly recommend! 

This week I've been working on my project for Laverstock Salisbury. I've been commissioned by Barratt Homes to create a series of permanent artworks for a housing development and new country park. Part of the commission is to engage with the community, so I'm working with a local primary school (and inviting the brilliant Wessex Archaeology/ Wildlife Drawing and Same Sky Arts) to work with the students to create lanterns inspired by my proposed artwork for the development. We're going to process through the development on the evening of the Spring Equinox in March and I'm really excited!

This weekend I appear to have GIANT to do lists, no human could possible achieve all on the list (a small sample includes 'learn to crochet', 'embroider green dress' and 'bake a lemon cake') but I hope to do lots of creative stuff and feel really inspired by all Rachna's embroidery. Obviously the only urgent thing on the list is the cake and this will of course be prioritised and hastily devoured.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to too x

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