Roll up Roll up (prints for sale)

Hello! I have defrosted since last week and removed most of the layers (tights, a dress and 2 jumpers remain, but we're heading in the right direction.)

This week I paid the (terrifying) deposit/ stamp duty/ legal fees for my lovely new flat in Hove by the seaside HURRAH. I hope that this doesn't jinx it, but I should be exchanging on Monday, completing and then moving VERY VERY soon! - please keep all fingers, toes and limbs crossed for me x

The impending move has forced me to start having a proper clear out, so I have put 4 x screen printed designs into my Etsy Shop (visit here). Each design is screen printed in a limited edition of 20, with hand painted watercolour and additional hand drawn details so each one is a little bit different (see the designs below) and you can have a look at the process of creating them here. Thanks to all those who've bought one so far - much appreciated x

On Tuesday this week I went to give a lecture to Illustration BA and MA students at UCA. I really like it there, the students are thoughtful and attentive and ask good questions (also Farnham has excellent charity shops and I very nearly bought an ENORMOUS rug but managed to stop myself.)

OK, that's it for now, this week's focus has been on the Salisbury and South Gloucestershire Public Art Projects so I'll probably be babbling about them next week.

Have a lovely weekend, and pop over to visit me on Sunday for PJ Paint Club x

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