RSPCA Annual Report

I received a copy of the freshly printed RSPCA Annual Report in the post today and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I created a range of spot illustrations and hand written font for them, and my favourite is above - a trophy for the RSPCA heroes!

I've sorted out the studio, given it a good clean and tidy and put up lots of really inspiring pictures and it's such a lovely place to work now. I am now just lusting after a nice big piece of oilcloth to cover my desk with and a proper desk lamp!

I'm creating a visitors guide to a beautiful garden in Essex today, and then off to see some exhibitions in London tomorrow: the Magnificent Maps exhibition at the British Library, the Sanderson exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum and the Grant Museum of Zoology at UCL with sketchbook in hand, I'm really looking forward to it x

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