Sweetcorn for June

Here's the sweetcorn illustrations created for the June edition of Gardens Illustrated magazine. I just finished the roughs today for the bean illustrations in the July issue so I'm looking forward to getting them coloured next week.

This week has been busy, working on a range of fun commissions and projects. On Wednesday I visited The Medicine Garden in Cobham and I'm going to create a range of framed botanical drypoint prints for their shop. The place looks fantastic already and Paul's vision for the future is very inspiring so I'm really glad to be getting involved.

I've been researching printmaking presses and have bought a pasta machine to use as a press in my studio so I'm excitedly waiting for that to be delivered. I'm going in to London on Sat to pick up some other printmaking bits and bobs, and whilst there I'll be visiting the Forth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, The Museum of Garden History and The Geffrye Museum (I've heard lots of good things about the Garden Museum cafe so obviously I will be testing that out!).

Right, I'm off to make spinach and chicken balti for dinner, my cooking is somewhat hit and miss so wish me (and Steve who'll have to eat it too) luck!

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