Happy New Year!

Hello all, I hope that you had a really fantastic Christmas Break and enjoyed New Year celebrations.

I actually took some time off (WOWEEE!) it really did me the world of good and I am determined to stop myself from slipping back into working all the time like a geeky workaholic. Thus my goal for 2011 is to have evenings and weekends off for visiting galleries and museums, catching up with friends, working on my sketchbooks/ scrapbooks and creating personal work. I find it really hard to take time off, partly because I love what I do so much it really doesn't feel like work at all, but I know I need to get more balance in 2011. In other news I have pretty much stopped biting my nails (HOORAY!) I feel like a proper grown up lady now as friends have got me into the habit of painting them. They are currently a rather ridiculous vivid red and I LOVE them! so hopefully I can keep this up.

There are so many exciting projects in the pipeline but I am not allowed to tell you about any of them (Boo Hiss) so instead I can show you the Feb issue of Delicious Magazine featuring my illustrations all about worcester sauce. I was particularly pleased with the colour as I worked really hard to stop the entire page being a browny sludge tone!

Tomorrow I am off to London to visit the Quentin Blake exhibition at Chris Beetles Gallery (I'm really into watercolour at the moment), the Museum of Everything #3 and then the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Exhibition at the Royal Observatory (yup deeply inspired by Star Gazing Live on the BBC) before a party in Greenwich - HURRAH.

Have a great weekend and make some time for yourself too x


Daria Hlazatova said...

congratulations! delicious illustrations!

Kerry said...

Thanks so much Daria x