New designs...

Hand painting the Bluebird Mural for Tsumori Chisato has been postponed to next Friday, (I'll be in store 9am-10pm if you want to come and wave) so for this week I thought I'd share some recent new designs. I was commissioned to create some rough sketches for a lovely greeting card company, unfortunately we were unable to agree on the fee this time, but I really liked the rough sketches and so I have developed a few here into finished designs.

Lots of lovely projects on the go at the moment, I've got a great teen workshop coming up in Maidenhead, and a lecture for Illustration BA students in Cambridge to prepare for, I'm also really enjoying working on the design of the Liberty painting for the wall of their new Beauty Hall (I'll be painting this in store at the end of May).

Have a fun weekend whatever you do, and next week I'll be sharing the painting at the Shop at Bluebird - promise x


Lauren. said...

I've seen some of your stuff around the interwebs and I just adore your style - totally right up my alley! You've got a fun brain, you do!

Line drawings are the chit. Your's are super stellar.

Kerry said...

Thanks so much Lauren x