Royal Ascot

Here's the new work created for the Royal Ascot Magazine (as viewed by the Queen - HURRAH!) I illustrated these five for an article about the most famous jockeys to grace the 300 year old racecourse at Ascot. I'm really pleased with the muted watercolour and it was fun to work on a portraiture project.

I've started a new sketchbook this week, and I'm focusing on paint and coloured line work rather than just ink drawing. I'll show you some spreads from this next week, as well as the illustrations created for the July issue of Real Simple Magazine all about flower arranging.

It's actually a nice day today and not raining (touches wood) and so I'm off out for a quick run to compensate for all the recent excessive curly wurly consumption. - have fun whatever you're up to and get out in the sun while it lasts x

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