Liberty Vinyls

Here's the vinyls I created for the pillars of the new beauty hall at Liberty London. I popped back yesterday to take some photos of them and to get a new haircut at the Aveda concession (it's short, asymmetric and bright red and I LOVE it!)

I'm so pleased with how the vinyls have turned out, they're on three pillars on the ground floor visible from the store front at Great Marlborough Street. Once I'd completed the mural Liberty commissioned a new range of drawings to create vinyls to decorate the blank pillars. I'm chuffed with them, it's not until you get really close that you can tell they're not hand drawn (see close ups) and they work really well with the mural (more about that here). I'll return to take some better pictures once the orange and silver window vinyls have been removed - but you get the idea!

I'll be back next week with work created for Royal Ascot, but for now have a lovely weekend and lets hope for a little sunshine! x


Sam Osborne said...

Beautiful delicate illustrations - I bet they look fantastic in the flesh. Nice work :)

Kerry said...

Thanks very much Sam x