Dublin and Galway


It was a lovely break, three days in Dublin with Steve, and then seven more in Galway with friends. I really enjoyed drawing in my sketchbook; black and white gesso, splashy watercolours and pencil and pen marks. It wasn't too wet but felt quite chilly at times, so I got comfy drawing in cafes and pubs drinking red lemonade and virgin irish coffees. I had cake for lunch every day (often cake instead of lunch) so I have returned chubby and happy ready for Autumn!

I've booked a short holiday in Finland at the end of the month, just me and my sketchbook. I'll be staying in Helsinki but I'm keen to do some day trips - if anyone had any advice of things to see and places to draw I'd love to hear them!

For now, it's soooo nice to be back in the studio, I've really missed it and there's lots of new and ongoing projects to get on with this week including an exciting meeting with a new client. I must crack on, but I'll return later in the week to show you my new letterpressed postcard x


fwuba said...

These are fab!!! Kerry - you should make handprinted wallpaper! x

Kerry said...

Thank you, that would be amazing! x

Jani said...

When in Helsinki, get a rental car here, it's a bit outside of the city center, but chepaer than the big ones and go for a coastal trip to Hanko, nice old seaside villas and beaches, a lighthouse, nature and the kerries, from there you could go back to Helsinki via Turku, also a nice place to visit for a day, great maritime museum and castle. Also, close to Helsinki, is the Nuuksio national park, you can get there by public transport, and Hvitträsk:, ther's a lake nearby too.

Kerry said...

Jani, this is so helpful, thanks a million - I'm so excited! x