Orange Pekoe Autumn

Wowee, such a busy week - I've been adding hand drawn typography to the Sony Japan album cover (I cannot wait to show you this!!) and I'm working on a lovely new job for Heineken. On Tuesday night I hand painted this window at Orange Pekoe in Barnes, it's a gorgeous cafe, really friendly and popular and they have amazing home made cakes and pastries with a choice of over 100 teas - bliss! I really enjoyed this commission, I love the challenge of working on a large scale and I'm so delighted with how it looks. I've already been asked to return and create their Christmas window at the end of November, so I've started sketching a few ideas.

Next Friday I'm off to Finland for four days, just me and my sketchbook - I'm so excited! I have a huge amount of work to get through before I board that plane, but the idea of spending four days drawing is heaven! I was inspired to visit Finland through the beautiful work of Anna Emilia, her artwork and blog writing conveys a real love of her country which I have found infectious. I sent her an email to ask for advice about places to go and things to do and she was hugely generous with her time giving me a wealth of ideas (thanks Anna - so kind! x)

I'll try and squeeze in a quick blog post next week before I go, for now back to work... (although drawing and colouring in never really feels like work!) x

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