Holland and Barrett MAY

I wanted to share some new drawings for Holland and Barrett's Healthy Magazine, they feature in the May edition which is in stores now. I'm really enjoying drawing these each month, and I've nearly finished the new ones for June; valerian and chromium.

I am SO EXCITED to see the Smythson work printed up and installed. It's been a huge amount of work with a very short deadline (and very little sleep!) but the team at Smythson were terrific and made it such a pleasure to work on. I was commissioned to create five window schemes to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee and they will be up from the 14th May at the following stores:
New Bond Street,
Sloane Square,
Westbourne Grove, 
Royal Exchange and
New York.
I'm really proud of this project, and as soon as I take some photos I'll post them up here.

Today I've been working on a new commission for Harper's Bazaar, it's a map of all the best new bars and restaurants in Soho and it will be in the June edition of the magazine. I've wanted to work with Harper's Bazaar for ages (the typography in their magazine is so beautiful!) and so it's great to have such a nice new commission with them, perfect as I've wanted to try a map for a little while now.

Lots of exciting new projects in the pipeline, more large scale work, packaging and an exhibition in Japan next year but for now.... sleep! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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