Smythson New York

As promised, here's some images of the new jubilee window I created for Smythson on 4 West 57th Street  New York. You can see images from the other four London stores here. It was such a great commission and I'm delighted to see them all installed. I've also updated my website to include a better page of these type of large scale installations and you can see that here.

This Sunday I'm off to the Orkney Islands in Scotland with my sketchbook, watercolours, and a box of my favourite pens. I am really excited about spending a week drawing, a chance to refresh batteries and MOST importantly, an extended period of time for planning my solo exhibition in Japan next year! (more about that later...)

Have a wonderful, long, jubilee bank holiday - if you're in or near London and planning to go to Buckingham Palace then I really recommend the new Leonardo da Vinci exhibition of anatomy drawings at The Queen's Gallery (to the left side of the palace). I went last Saturday and thought it was FANTASTIC! x

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