Here's a new drawing of garlic for Holland & Barrett, I really like the pink streaks that come through the delicate white paper. Last week I finished two new drawings for them so I'll share them once they're published.

Yesterday I went to the British Museum print room as I had arranged to view the Mrs Delany botanical collages, and I've managed to find an image of one of the pieces I held yesterday (below). I've been reading "The Paper Garden" by Molly Peacock, a biography of 18C Mary Delany who at the age of 72 began the creation over nearly a thousand cut paper botanicals! In print and on screen these gorgeous plants on black background look painted, but in real life they are very obviously created from hundreds of pieces of hand painted, individually cut and collaged paper. Some of the pieces even included real pressed leaves and flowers as part of the collage. It was amazing to hold them in my (white gloved!) hands and to get the chance to really examine how they were constructed. Whilst at The British Museum I also viewed the Picasso Prints, Modern Chinese Ink Painting and The Horse exhibitions, and on the way home I popped into the National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait Award 2012.

On Sunday I went to see The Odyssey by The Paper Cinema at The Criterion Theatre (see the clip below)

It was AMAZING! really beautiful and inspiring, the combination of live music, animators, hand drawing was wonderful - I can't wait to see what they do next! x

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