Creating the Harvey Nichols backdrops

Hello! I've been really busy this week completing lots of new work for Square Meal Magazine and Holland & Barrett. There's also very exciting new projects with wonderful new clients on the horizon but for now my lips are tightly shut!...

I just wanted to share the process of creating the backdrops for the twelve London Fashion Week windows at Harvey Nichols. I created a series of ink paintings in rich deep off black tones of purple, green, blue and green. I poured, dripped, splashed and sprayed various mixes of coloured inks, water and black indian ink onto handmade Kandi paper. These were created in A3 on my kitchen floor (covered in plastic - in one of the photos you can see my ink covered foot!). I had the most amazing time creating these pieces. I have been creating drawings for my exhibition in Japan featuring poured watercolours and so it was wonderful to use this new way of working in this commission. I created rivers of colour (destroyed three towels!) and felt thoroughly inspired by the process and product.

I'm so pleased that I took the time to document the process, and you can see how these paintings were then scanned and printed onto large canvas banners and hung in the windows at Harvey Nichols to complement the window vinyls. (Look at the previous blog posts for more images from this commission.)

I hope that you've had a lovely week! this weekend will be full of exhibitions, friends and food for me so I'll share my news and gossip next time. x

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lotty said...

Oh this is the most unique backdrops. I think this is the best photography backdrops I have found. The colors,design and concept are excellent. What a good job!