2012 Highlights

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! 

Before we get too far into 2013 I just wanted to take a quick breath (and a cup of tea) to look back and reflect on my favourite jobs from the last year...

In January I created new work for The National Trust and taught a sculpture workshop for young carers in Maidenhead, I particularly enjoyed creating this drawing for Credit Suisse.

I created four new illustrations for a supplement on love poetry in The Times, seven new cabinet drawings for Elle Spain, and lots of botanical sketches for Strutt Parker.

This month I drew knickers for the Radio Times (for Mary Portas new TV series) and taught a workshop for The Architecture Foundation.

April saw new drawings for Pet Plan and Holland and Barrett.

May was a busy month with collage workshops for Surrey Arts, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Holland & Barrett and Sony Japan.

I had one of my favourite commissions of 2012 in June, to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee I created the window schemes for Smythson. There were four windows in London and one in New York, the deadline was incredibly short but I am very proud of how it turned out!

In July I was commissioned by Harpers Bazaar and Holland & Barrett

August saw new botanical work and lots of pub drawings for Heineken.

These were the best months of the year working on the commission to create the window scheme for Harvey Nichols London Fashion Week 2012. Probably my favourite (and scariest!) commission of 2012.

November stayed busy with drawings for Strutt Parker, Holland & Barrett and Square Meal Magazine.

Things didn't slow down in December, I created Harrods Christmas card, illustrations for The LA Times and The Times (UK) and the Christmas window schemes for the seven Boodles stores across the UK, Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, Dublin, Harrods, Savoy, Sloane Street, Royal Exchange, Bond Street. 

Next week I'll be sharing my recent Paris trip and the 18 paintings created for my solo show in Japan next year! x


Anonymous said...

Kerry, I adore your works. And I am super curious - what kind of paint (if it was paint at all) did you use for Harvey Nichols's window? If you don't mind asking of course.
All the best in 2013!


Kerry said...

Hi Karoline, Harvey Nichols was a mixture of cut vinyl and hand painting - the hand painting was done with acrylic paint x