A Room For London

Last Thursday I had the most amazing birthday gift from Steve, he took me to stay for the night in "A Room For London". It's a ship built for two on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank in London with an amazing panoramic view of the London skyline.

There's a ships log to be completed on the hour noting the weather, clouds, water surface, wind, barometer, temperature, ships business and sightings (I used my neatest handwriting)

Here I am on the middle deck, very happy and very cold 
(my sister bought me the most amazing hot pink cape which you can see peeking around my coat))

I made lots of rubbings all around the boat, it feels like I've brought a little bit of the boat home with me. Here's a little timelapse video we made from the front of the boat.

Here's the sunsetting...

And the sun rising...

Here's a picture of upstairs - we got rather addicted to the binoculars!

This coming week looks busy, I've got four portfolio meetings and I'll be working on new commissions for Grist and Fortnum & Mason. Have a lovely week and I'll see you soon x

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