Heineken Easter

Hello! here's a new spot illustration created for Heineken this Easter, I particularly enjoyed drawing hot cross buns as I am very partial to them - especially the spiced ones YUM!

I've been busy working on my book (it's about drawing and will be published in 2014) the introduction, chapter 1 (and very nearly chapter 2) are complete and I'm really excited with how it's all looking. When I first sat down to start writing it it was a real battle, I never really procrastinate normally and I'm rarely distracted when drawing, but writing turned out to be another matter entirely! My solution has been to pack a rucksack with my laptop and favourite snacks and visit the Southbank Centre. They have a dedicated laptop zone with a zillion sockets full of people with their head down working hard, in that environment I can't fail to concentrate, and the view from the members bar is amazing!

(photo from Southbank centre website)

Last week I visited the Pae White exhibition at the South London Gallery, an amazing installation of coloured threads strung across the space - definatly worth seeing and make sure you have time and room for a meal at No.67 (the gallery cafe) which features a beautiful gold/ white mural and DELICIOUS food. I also saw the new Friedrich Nagler show at England & Co, their exhibitions are always so great and the staff are friendly, informed and always approach visitors to hand out further information and explain more about the artist and the works on show - go see both shows if you're in/ near London! x

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