Waitrose Magazine


This week I've been working hard on a new wrap around cover for Grist all about the NHS. It is about the drive for 'zero harm' in the light of the Mid Staffordshire Scandal - I'll share it once it's coloured in and published!

For now, I'm so pleased to share this new work for Waitrose, I've done lots for them recently, three of these columns in as many weeks and I'm currently working on my first cover for them to celebrate 100 years of the Chelsea Flower Show. The one above illustrates Penny Smith's memories of her garden, I had fun picking out my favourite parts of the text to illustrate and highlight;, her bike, willow tree, rose arbour and favourite apple tree.

In book news... chapter five is now written, illustrated and sent and so we're now starting work on the the dummy. The dummy book comprises the cover and a few key spreads, and it will be this which is shown for marketing purposes ie, on Amazon etc until the completed book is finished - Eeeeek! 

This weekend I'm going to finish off the packs for my students at Squam. I'm off to teach drawing in the USA 5th-9th June, in New England (this is very exciting to me and my sisters, as to us this area is known as Dawson's Creek Country!) Each student will receive a pack full of hand outs, collage and art materials and so I just need to assemble them and finish them off.

Have a wonderful week and I'll be back next time with more work for Waitrose!

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