Holland & Barrett


What a great week - 20% of the book is now written and illustrated! I'm so pleased, and I'm really getting in the rhythm of it now. I've also completed two illustrations for Waitrose, and I'm really pleased with how they've turned out (I'll share once published). 

Weirdly I feel like my drawings have really improved since starting to write the book, there's something about returning to the basics of drawing, and re-evaluating the type and weight of line I favour which has really re-invigorated my work!

The image above is for Holland & Barett, it's a really beautiful plant with the rather grim name of 'Devil's Claw' but it was lovely to draw! I really enjoy the monthly challenge of creating drawings for Holland & Barrett, they tend to be botanical in nature and it's a lovely chance to explore a range of plants that I am often unfamiliar with.

This Friday I'm off to Somerset for a long weekend to celebrate my parent's 60th birthdays, we've hired a really beautiful and enormous house and I really cannot wait, fingers crossed for sunshine!

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