Holland & Barrett illustration

Here's a new honey illustration for Holland & Barrett, I really enjoyed drawing all the tiny hexagons for the honeycomb - I find that type of thing really meditative!

After last weeks lovely trip to Edinburgh (to see my new Harvey Nichols windows) I've been getting my head down on the book (I'm currently writing and illustrating an instructional book about drawing for adults - it will be in the shops May/ June 2014). I'm very nearly there now, the cover is done, the book written and just some illustrations remaining to complete. There will be a lot of tinkering, findling and redrafting I'm sure, but it's so exciting to have written a book, something I had never expected to do!

Last Sunday I went to see the Ellen Gallagher exhibition at the Tate it was so inspiring, especially the diverse materials used. Then on Tuesday I went to see Punchdrunk and the National Theatre's immersive theatre experience. It had the most incredible sets, costumes and lighting, and as you wander across the installation (over four floors) the characters interact with you. This means that each person visiting the show has a completely different experience - it was so great meeting up with Steve and friends afterwards to discuss what we'd seen and done! If you can get tickets GO GO GO!

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