Big Draw 2013

Here's a look at my preparations for the Big Draw 2013, I was invited by The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to design and deliver a drawing workshop on October 12th. So I'll be spending the day working with visitors of all ages inspired by their decorative ceramic collections, if you live in/ near Oxford then come and join in!

This week's been a bit bonkers, I've been working on new commissions for Holland & Barrett and Heineken, and tomorrow I'll be starting a new wrap around cover for Grist. I'm also finishing off the cover of my book (an instructional drawing book to be published Spring 2014) and I CANNOT wait to show it to you!

This week I went to see the Michael Landy exhibition at The National Gallery where he has been working as artist in residence and on sunday I'm off to see the Jockum Nordstrom exhibition at Camden Arts Centre. I've also booked this years Autumn sketchbook trip so I'll be off to Vienna in early October HURRAH!

Have a fantastic weekend and I'll be back next week to share new illustrations for Waitrose x


Laura Albini said...

When is it starting and should we pre book to participate?

Kerry said...

Hi Laura it's 1-4pm no need to book x