Here's the new drawings for Holland & Barrett illustrating rooibos tea and bowen massage, I hadn't tried rooibos tea before so I bought some to drink whilst completing these drawings and now I'm hooked!

This week I've been creating new work for Holland & Barrett, drawing reflexology and whey protein, and illustrating Julia Bradbury's childhood bedroom for Waitrose. I'm also working on a GIANT commission in East London for a new development with 30 residential units and 5 commercial where I'm creating enormous botanical drawings to be laser cut from brass, absolute DREAM project!

Today I'm finishing up a funding proposal with the plant molecular science department at Royal Holloway University as we're looking to do an artist (me) in residence project - I'm keeping everything crossed. If we're successful it will start in Sept 2014 and continue for 10 months and we're also looking to create a permanent legacy for the university at the end of the project.

Have a great weekend, I'm going to be working on my sketchbooks and scrapbooks HUZZAH!

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