H&B Glucosamine

I'm so pleased with these new drawings of a crab and lobster to illustrate the benefits of glucosamine for Holland & Barrett, subjects that are really textured, patterned and intricate are right up my street!

I'm having such a lovely weekend, yesterday I went to the Late Shift at The National Portrait Gallery where The English National Ballet were performing the most intimate amazing performances throughout the gallery spaces - it was FANTASTIC!

Today has been the most wonderful sunny day and I visited the Alchemy Festival at The Southbank Centre to see Alaap and Alpana where Artist Ansuman Biswas was performing a 24 hour dancing, painting and communal feasting event. There was the most incredible vast floor design created by pouring white rice directly onto the floor into swirls, spots and patterns. I was invited to remove my shoes and walk all through the design, very carefully tiptoeing so as not to disturb the beautiful drawing. 

Have a great weekend, I hope that the sun is shining where you are!

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