BBC Antiques Roadshow - Furniture

Here's some new drawings for BBC Antiques Roadshow for an article about caring for furniture, it was fun to use such a bold palette compared to my usual pastels!

This week I've been juggling lots of REALLY fun jobs (all top secret at the moment but I'll share as soon as I can) with client meetings. I also managed to finish drawing the Atrium wall piece for the new development in East London I'm working on. I've drawn it at 1/8th scale but eventually it will be laser cut from brass and installed in the atrium at 18 x 6 meters!

I'm working really hard at the moment (and will be at it all weekend too!) but it will all be worth it as I'm off to The Nordic Watercolour Museum on Wednesday for a weeks residency. I am SO EXCITED! and have started putting a pile of materials aside ready for the trip including giant rolls of lining paper, embroidery thread and (of course) watercolour paints.

I'll be sharing my adventure on Instagram so follow me here to see what I'm up to, and I'll blog when I get back.

Have a wonderful weekend! x

p.s. The incredible immersive theatre experience by Punchdrunk 'Drowned Man' ends in London on July 6th so BOOK NOW!

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