Nordic Adventure


I'm just back from the most amazing painting trip, and I wanted to share what I've been up to 
(you can see all the photos from my trip on Instagram here)

First stop was Copenhagen where I took a bike tour of the city and visited lots of galleries and museums, my favourite discovery was of the work of artist Julie Nord.

I then travelled on to Sweden to undertake a short artist residency at The Nordic Watercolour Museum on the island of Tjorns about 70km from Gothenburg. 

Across the water from the museum are four artists studios, equipped with plenty of desk and floor space, a huge wall of glass (and therefore amazing light), a kitchen, shower room and a mezzanine level with two single beds. You can see the studios in the picture above, suspended on stilts upon the water, mine was number two (the second one in from the right). 

The picture below shows my studio set up, it was such an inspiring view and visiting at this time of year meant that there was such long hours of daylight. It was very peaceful working next to the water, and I enjoyed watching the swallows, Canada geese and cormorants.

The water was full of jellyfish, but the clear blue ones don't sting and so it was perfect for swimming - I was so glad that I'd packed my swim suit!

The residency was better than I had even hoped, and I'm so delighted that I had the opportunity to visit and work in such a beautiful place. I've returned feeling really excited and invigorated about my practice, and look forward to watching the ideas and inspiration from the past week evolve and influence new work and commissions...

... I also CANNOT WAIT to go back to that beautiful place and am plotting my return! x

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